Burning Down The Barn (Behind The Scenes)

Video Production

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Adler Irwin

Filmmaker/Videographer/Founder/Owner - Irwin Films

Adler Irwin is a dedicated and highly skilled Videographer with a profound passion for capturing compelling visuals and telling impactful stories. As the Founder and Owner of Irwin Films, a dynamic video production company established in 2020, Adler has showcased proven expertise in international corporate videography, leading projects for Mind Your Horse across locations in Florida, The Netherlands, and Belgium. His creative prowess shines through in the production of high-quality music videos for The Hunter Brothers, a renowned Canadian Country Music Group. Armed with an Advanced SRPAS Drone license issued by Transport Canada, Adler brings a unique perspective to projects, capturing breathtaking aerial shots that add depth and distinction. His versatility is evident in collaborations with diverse clients, including Canadian Country Music Group High Valley, where he consistently demonstrates a wide range of skills and an ability to adapt to various environments. Proficient in videography, drone operation, and video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, Adler is equally adept at storyboarding, scripting, project management, and international project coordination. Explore his portfolio at https://www.irwinfilms.com/gallery to witness the visual storytelling mastery that defines Irwin Films' work. Adler Irwin is celebrated for consistently exceeding client expectations, making Irwin Films a go-to choice for those seeking excellence in visual storytelling.